Fallout Boy

A story about bullying / cyberbullying for children age 6 to 10

Jack and Summer are neighbours. We see them growing up and going to school together: hand in hand. But then, at the start of grade 3, the ‘cool’ guys in the class start teasing Jack because he is friends with a girl. They call him names, trip him over, wait for him on the street. One day he feels so upset and lonely that he decides to change.


  • Loyalty in friendship
  • Different roles in bullying 1) victim of bullying 2) bystander 3) standing up for victim 4) bullies and its leader
  • Reasons behind teasing: insecurity, wanting to be part of the group
  • Consequences of (cyber)bullying


Jack and Summer have been friends since they were little. Until Jack is being bullied because of this friendship. He desperately wants to become part of the 'cool' guys. And because of that he neglects his friendship with Summer. When children gossip about Jack, Summer keeps defending him. But Jack wants badly to be liked and is afraid of standing up for her. At the end of the story Jack is really mean to his old friend, and when she cries in the corner of the schoolyard, he realises what he has become.


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