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What our customers say about us

The stories are lovely. I am using them in therapy sessions with children to compliment therapeutic work. They are both great catalysts to talk about skills and make emotions nice and safe to discuss. I love that you have a hand out and this is also used with clients as a take home reminder of what we have looked at this session.

Ben French, Psychologist @ Port Psychology

The colourful illustrations and simple text make these stories very appealing to young children. They help young children to recognise their own feelings. In this way they can learn to cope with their emotions. The simple questions about the stories invite verbal and social communication with parents or teachers. Thank you for this wonderful tool. I’m already looking forward to the next story!

Annèt van Roest, Remedial Teacher @ Praktijk voor het Jonge Kind

Questions & answers

I like Storybow, but is it possible to first explore the stories for free and see if they are suitable for my needs?

Sure! Enter in contact with us, and we'll help you out.

How does the Individual Membership work?

Individual Membership gives you access to all the stories and additional material in your Storybow account.

How does payment work?

You pay for your subscription to Storybow with a monthly payment of 5$ (USD), starting on the day you subscribe. You can either choose to pay via Credit Card or Paypal. Subsequent payments will be taken of your account monthly.

On what device can I read the stories?

You can view the stories on your computer, laptop or tablet. The stories are viewed in a browser (preferably using the latest version), and therefore are not suitable for E-reader.

Are Storybow's stories therapeutic stories?

No, they are not a substitute for psychological or psychotherapeutic therapy. Emotional problems will not be resolved only by reading these stories. The stories can be used to educate children about social-emotional problems and coping strategies. Also they can be the start of a conversation about these topics between adults an children. Therapists are welcome to use these stories in their therapies, but in that case it’s the therapist that makes the story therapeutic in nature.

How does the Group Membership work?

We offer discounts for larger groups that want to work with Storybow. Contact us at and we’ll work out a package that is suitable for you.

How long is the minimum subscription period?

The minimum subscription period is one month. After subscribing, you can quit any time you like. If you quit subscription within 30 days after the last payment, you will not be billed for the subsequent month.

How can I end my subscription?

Ending your subscription is easy. You login to your account and press the ‘cancel my subscription’ link. Or you can send an email here. Be aware though, that you will not have access to the stories immediately after you cancel the subscription.

How often do you release new stories?

Our aim is to release a new story every 12 weeks.

Who is behind Storybow?

Storybow is a self-funded startup by Alexandre Brito & Heleen van Huijkelom. To know more about us click here.