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Either in primary school, counselling / psychology practice or at home, Storybow has engaging social emotional material for you.

for Primary School Teachers

with attractive material to complement your SEL lessons, ready to be used in the classroom

for Parents

with fun, accessible and age appropriate stories to talk about serious topics

for Health Care Professionals

with relevant psycho-educational resources to complement your therapeutic sessions

Use our library of educational stories as

A starting point to discuss serious topics with children

Our unique interactive stories work as catalysts to talk about life topics with children, so that they can learn a variety of social emotional skills.

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SEL Topics

We focus on relevant Social Emotional Learning topics in our library of Educational Stories. Topics that some children have difficulty talking about.

Storybow Social Emotional Learning
Storybow Social Emotional Learning


Each story has a list of relevant themes related to the main topic. These themes are carefully represented in the plot of the educational story.

Theoretical Background

The theoretical foundation in the stories stems from knowledge in the field of developmental and child psychology. Subsequently, the problem solving skills, coping skills and psycho-education have their origin in Cognitive Behavioral therapy.

It's important to note that the stories are a starting point for a conversation and educative in nature, not therapeutic.

Age Appropriate

Our stories take into account the specific children's age group and their cognitive and emotional developmental level

Illustration Style

Our illustration styles help transmit a serious message in an engaging, fun and therefore safe way.

Storybow Social Emotional Learning

3 to 5 years old

Storybow Social Emotional Learning

6 to 9 years old

Storybow Social Emotional Learning

10 to 12 years old

Practice what you've learned by

Using our Complementary Worksheets

As a supplement to our stories, downloadable printouts are available for each story, so children can put in practice (alone or in group) what they've learned

Storybow Social Emotional Learning

Anxiety Tips Poster

Storybow Social Emotional Learning

Positive Affirmations

Storybow Social Emotional Learning

Steps to solve a Problem

Storybow Social Emotional Learning

Anger Tips Poster

Storybow Social Emotional Learning

Quality & Strenghts

Storybow Social Emotional Learning

High Five Worksheet

Access our Stories from anywhere

Want to read our stories on a mobile device? No problem! We've designed an awesome experience for tablets too.

Helpful and fun to use

Parents, teachers & health care professionals enjoy using our stories about social emotional learning themes with children.

The stories are lovely. I am using them in therapy sessions with children to compliment therapeutic work. They are both great catalysts to talk about skills and make emotions nice and safe to discuss. I love that you have a hand out and this is also used with clients as a take home reminder of what we have looked at this session.

Ben French, Psychologist @ Port Psychology

The colourful illustrations and simple text make these stories very appealing to young children. They help young children to recognise their own feelings. In this way they can learn to cope with their emotions. The simple questions about the stories invite verbal and social communication with parents or teachers. Thank you for this wonderful tool. I’m already looking forward to the next story!

Annèt van Roest, Remedial Teacher @ Praktijk voor het Jonge Kind

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