Alexandre Brito Heleen van Huijkelom

We are Alexandre and Heleen, as a couple we joined our complementary skills in the field of Web Design and Child Development. We create websites for children and parents, teachers and child health care professionals. We focus on niche topics related to Social Emotional Development. Our goal is to make child friendly, reliable and attractively designed websites. Our websites are self-funded. We enjoy using our creativity and hope that our websites can help children and their caregivers grow a little happier and healthier by providing them a useful set of tools.

Other projects: Previous websites we made are Kamil’s Feelings, a website where young children can explore and learn about emotions in a fun way. And Reward Kat where parents can find information on how to use a reward system for kids.

Alexandre Brito

Alexandre was born in Portugal. There he studied Computer Science at the University of Lisbon. He moved to The Netherlands in 2007 to follow a MSc in Cognitive Science at the Free University of Amsterdam. His work experience is in the areas of interaction and user experience design. As a contractor he worked in various advertising agencies and IT software companies in Amsterdam. In September 2014 he moved to Melbourne, Australia. There he works as a contractor and after hours he works passionately on Storybow.

alex – at – storybow.com

Heleen van Huijkelom

Heleen studied developmental psychology at the University of Utrecht. In 2008 she started working as a child psychologist in a childrens’ hospital. In March 2012 she finished a postgraduate program where she earned her Dutch registration as a psychologist (GZ-Psycholoog). Since 2012, Heleen started specialising in childhood trauma and family therapy. She provides a warm, safe and playful environment for both parents and siblings, and aims at strengthening problem solving skills within the family. In September 2014 Heleen moved to Australia. She works in a child psychology clinic in Melbourne. After hours she loves to work on Storybow with Alex.

heleen – at – storybow.com

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